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Welcome to the Village of Delia


The new Council is:

Deputy Mayor Dawn Bancroft 

Councillor John Rogers

                           The Next Council Meeting will be held on                                        March 5th,2014 at the Village Office.


Election News


We have 4 candidates nominated for the Councillor position in the Village. The following are your candidates:

Arnold, Irene

Fournier, Yvon

HALL, Beverly

Thompson, Bryce 

Please feel free to stop any one of these people in the street and ask them the important question on your mind.

ELECTION DAY will be on Thursday, March 27th, from 10am to 8pm at the Village Office.


NEW! You will be required to show ID that indicates your residency prior to voting. There are no exceptions.





Come and Visit Delia in August 2014 for our Centennial Celebrations!



The Village of Delia is nestled at the base of the Handhills and is home to the largest free standing solar array in Western Canada. We are a friendly, safe and progressive community that operates on the core of volunteers that value small town living.

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