The Village of Delia provides for the distribution and collection of water and sewer. The Water, Sewer, Regional Waste Site and Garbage fees are all collected monthly by the Village of Delia. The charges for providing these services are as follows:

1) Water Rates

* Fixed Operating Charge of $20.00 per month

* Water Charges: $3.30 per cubic meter up to 20 cubic meters / $4.00 per cubic meter over 20 per month

The source of water is the Red Deer River. The water treatment is provided by the Henry Kroeger Regional Water Commission. The reservoir capacity, measured in treated substance, is 4.5 million litres.

2) The sewage treatment rate for residential users monthly is a flat rate of $17.00 per month.

3) Residential garbage is collected once a week. Every Monday unless there is a Statutory Holiday then pick up will follow on the Tuesday. The garbage rate is monthly and is $16.00. In addition, we charge a $5.00 per month Landfill Requisition Fee.


Please remember that the utility bills are to be paid by the last Day of the month.

Garbage Preparation Tips

1) Please ensure that the bags are not over 50lbs each or we may have to look at limiting the number of garbage bags per week as well. If the garbage is over 50lbs in weight, we will not pick it up.

2) Garbage and waste must be drained and securely wrapped and properly tied.

Connection and Disconnection Fees

If at any time the Municipal Utility Service is connected or disconnected, there shall be a fee of $50.00.


Each new account will require a deposit of $219.00.


A 10% penalty will be assessed on all arrears unpaid at the time of the next billing.

Compost Pickup

Compostable items that are bagged or in a neat pile will be picked up by Village Staff on a weekly basis Wednesday afternoon’s starting after May long weekend until the end of September.  Tree branches larger than the diameter of a pop can will not be picked up and cannot be placed in the compost area.

Please note: If higher priorities arise, the compost may not be picked up on schedule, however, will be done ASAP.

Cardboard Bin

  •   must be clean, dry & corrugated – NO waxed boxes
  •   box board – i.e. cereal, soap or dry food boxes
  •   please remove plastic liners, wood inserts, packing, etc
  •   please flatten all boxes
  •   brown paper bags & brown paper envelopes

Newsprint Bin

  •  clean & dry newspapers, TV times, Auto Traders, etc.
  •  any flyer's that come with the newspaper may go with the newspaper
  •  glossy magazines & manuals with staples, glue or string binding

Recycling Trailer


  •  you may rinse, remove label & flatten but not necessary
  •  no beer caps, bottle caps or canning lids that have plastic or rubber liners
  •  NO paint cans, aerosol cans, propane tanks, gasoline or fuel containers, batteries or foil products


  •   All #2 plastics must be clean and contain no contaminants such as steel handles or foil seals
  •   NO Styrofoam of any kind or food bags

      Beverage Containers

  •  All beverage & milk containers